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Welcome to the

Whitelist Exclusive
NFT Club

Whitelist Exclusive NFT Club

What is W.E.N.C.?

W.E.N.C. was born out of the need to find a way for investors to gain access to the Whitelists of NFT projects without having to spend full time grinding in the channels with ridiculous conditions to get a Whitelist spot.

Paroller Image
Paroller Image
Our Mission

Grant our investors access to as many Whitelists as we can get. Each new whitelist we get access to is a new investment opportunity. 

Our Fuel

Knowing that we are offering a real-value NFT in a growing environment that is constantly experiencing new opportunities.

decissions made by the community


Once we have stablished a community of investors, we will launch a DAO. 100% of the monthly benefits* from royalties will get invested into the DAO. Just WENC members will be able to lock their cards into the liquidity pool and get proportional rewards to the benefits made by the DAO’s investments.

– Having a Membership Card will allow you to vote on the projects the DAO invests in.

– Investments will be made into projects that have the W.E.N.C. Seal of Approval.

– Staking of cards will be available. All Membership Card holders will be able to vote on the DAO’s decisions, but only Card stakers will make an extra passive income by putting their cards to the service of the DAO. All holders and stakers will receive the proportional part of the benefits from the investments.

– Every Card staked will mean 1 opportunity for the DAO to get in a whitelist.

– The DAO won’t necessarily only invest in whitelists. If the projects have the W.E.N.C. Seal of Approval, and the stakers vote to invest in the public mint, the DAO will invest too.

Quality check

W.E.N.C. SoA

The WENC Seal of Approval goes one step further in our collaborations. It offers some of the projects we collaborate with intrinsic value, as it is a way for them to showcase they are into something real, approved by experienced investors.

Every NFT we collaborate with that gets the approval from our team labels it as a project we see big potential on. We intend to make our holders more profits, so we will only get them access to whitelists we consider could be of great profit. When a project requests to collaborate (and, for instance, to receive the WENC SOA), our team will review all the aspects from their setup (roadmap, company image, art, team doxxing, channels, etc) and will evaluate if they are eligible for the collaboration and the badge. This badge is in no way financial advice, but is our way of letting the community know that we would put our money on them. Once a project receives the WENC SoA, it will also be eligible for a WENC DAO investment. This will be consulted to our holders through the DAO.

Whitelist Exclusive NFT Club


We have to point out, we are not like any other NFT project out there. Our main step in the roadmap is to grant access to our hodlers to the whitelists they request. Nevertheless, here are some steps that will lead to the creation of a truly valuable and successful project.

First baby-steps

- Creation of the project's inner circle of influencers.

- Start of negotiations with projects close to launch to secure places in their whitelists for our community.
- Launching of our website and social networks.
- Early Private Sale spots' giveaways.

Membership card reveal


- Membership card sneak peaks.
- Major social media marketing campaign.
- Membership card revealing.
- Announcement of the giveaway winners for the spots of the Early Private Sale.

Early Private Sale

- 500 early-bird spots minting
- Launch on OpenSea and LooksRare
- Launch of our "WHITELIST EXCLUSIVE NFT CLUB" section in Discord. You will be have to verify your Club Member status with, and will be able to start submiting NFT projects and chatting with fellow members.

Project Start-up

- Whitelist spots for other projects we have been able to gather for collaboration will begin to be distributed among club members.
- With the launch of the club comes the start of the networking. We will foster a healthy environment of investors and will help members develop their own projects.

Next minting phases

- We will decide if we keep minting supply or not.
- If we decide to keep minting, benefits will keep coming, and will get better as we increase the funding of the project and make a bigger team.
- Every phase will have its own public mint with its own smart contract. Supply and price are yet to be defined.


- Once we have minted, we will launch of the W.E.N.C. DAO. We will make a liquidity pool where we will send 100% of the benefits of the monthly royalties to invest in projects with the W.E.N.C. Seal of Approval. Holders will be able to stake their cards to give the DAO their access to the whitelists.

Launch of our Super Exclusive Charitble Cards


- 19 SUPER EXCLUSIVE cards will be put on OpenSea for sale. Each of them will be an unique piece of art in collaboration with top artists around the world that you will be able to display at NFT galleries, at home, or wherever you could imagine.
- 50% of the funds collected from this cards will be directly invested into a charity that will be selected by the community itself.

Solana W.E.N.C.


- Launch of the Solana version of the WHITELIST CARD.
- Same supply, with an early airdrop to hodlers from the ETH WHITELIST CARD.

Whitelist Exclusive NFT Club



Founder & Strategy Chief


Strategy Advisor & Brand Identity

Hugo Langford-Holt

Head of Public Relations

Marketing Team

+6 focused specialists


Yes, we will run the Phase 1 of the mint as a private early presale. We will give the spots for the presale on our socials and discord, but they will be mostly random giveaways. Making this presale a hard-to-get-in list with lots of requirements would go against our mission.

We cannot answer to this at this moment. Our priority is to ensure the access to whitelists to our holders. Once we mint the first supply, we will decide if we do launch a 2nd phase of mint, but it is not guaranteed. Our maximum supply will be of 9.980 normal Membership Cards, and 19 Super Exclusive.

We will have a fair dutch-auction system, starting at 2ETH and decreasing to a bottom of 0.3ETH.

No. We will change the colors of the cards between phases so that the earlier you invested in us, the more of a exclusive NFT you get.

Getting those whitelists is 99% of the value our NFT has, and of course we have an action plan to get the collaborations for the whitelist spots we promise. That is why we have two approaches to add value to the NFT projects we collaborate with:

1.- W.E.N.C. is not like any other NFT community out there, we are avid investors, with high interest in making profit in the Web3 world. NFT Projects that collaborate with us will get promotion inside a community full of people willing to mint valuable NFTs. Due to our limited supply of cards, not everyone will get spots on every whitelist. For that reason, we assure the projects that the holders that show interest in their whitelists will mint the NFT. That way, projects will not only get promoted on our socials through the announcement of our collaborations, but they will also get exposed to the highest quality public an NFT project could be exposed to. Of course we will never charge ETH to projects for collaborations with us, so they will never loose value or funds through the collaboration with W.E.N.C., assuring that everyone gets a win-win situation.

2.- The W.E.N.C. Seal of Approval: The WENC SoA goes one step further in our collaborations. It offers some of the projects we collaborate with intrinsic value, as it is a way for them to showcase they are into something real, approved by experienced investors. This is in no way financial advice, but rather a badge of trust from our team.

If you want to collaborate with us don’t hesitate to reach us through our form . In order to make the process smoother, having a working discord & website will be necessary. Of course, whitelist minting should not only not have occurred yet, but we will recommend at least 1-2 weeks of room until it happens.